More aid for Rangamati, rain raises alarm

A man takes shelter under his umbrella as Rangamati experiences heavy rains accompanied by thunder and lightning since the morning of June 18, 2017. Photo: Prabir Das


Government has disbursed more aid for the landslide-affected Rangamati, where the death toll has surpassed 115 in the deadliest series of landslide in a decade.

An additional Tk 25 lakh of money and 200 metric tonnes of rice has been disbursed, said KM Ikhtiar Uddin, spokesperson for the local disaster management control room.

Until now, in total Tk 65 lakh and 400 metric tonnes of rice have been disbursed as aid in the area.

Meanwhile, today’s daylong rain has raised further alarm of landslide and more people have taken refuge in the 19 shelter homes across the district. Now, 2,500 people are residing in the shelters.

Bangladesh Army is coordinating relief distribution in seven of the shelter homes, police has charge of four, Border Guard Bangladesh four, and Red Crescent four.


Authorities are currently communicating with Rangamati through the Kaptai channel, where the transportation of goods has been made free of cost.